Waste Water Carts

Our highly manoeuvrable wastewater service carts feature chemical resistant, durable and lightweight tanks, thus being the perfect option to hold this type of fluid.

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We have available 100-gallon wastewater carts and 500-gallon potable wastewater service carts. These units feature a rotationally moulded polyethene tank which is UV-resistant, corrosion-resistant, and easy to clean and maintain.

Besides the higher holding capacity, the 500-gallon service cart also features a heavy-duty RJ3-series galvanised chassis with a 5th wheel steering system, which provides extra stability and support during turns.

In addition to our wastewater carts, we supply a wide range of other carts ideal for aircraft servicing, including aircraft cleaning service carts, water service carts and lavatory service carts plus, we have available individual parts to equip these service carts, such as couplers, flow meters and dump and fill hoses.