Cleaning Service Carts

Our aircraft cleaning service carts are designed to store and power a number of appliances to clean the aircraft’s interior. For instance, the RJ2Q cleaning service cart is the ideal unit to perform this task. This service cart is equipped with a powerful Honda generator which is able to power appliances that run off 120/240 AC power, including vacuum cleaners, carpet shampooers, electric heaters, stereo systems and more. The RJ2Q cart also comes complete with some cleaning supplies which are airline-approved, plus a Dirty Devil hoover.

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To further clean the interior of an aircraft, we have available aircraft interior cleaning products, including the Dasic International Aerokleen B, which is perfect for removing difficult stains.

In addition to these, we also supply various aircraft cleaning products, including aircraft exterior cleaning products and aircraft paint removers. For the aircraft’s exterior, we have available general aircraft cleaning products and area-specific cleaning products, such as products designed for the undercarriage, flap cavities, fuselage, landing gear and more. To remove aircraft paint, we supply phenolic and non-phenolic paint removers that can be used on epoxy and polyurethane paints.