Cleaning Products

This range of products features high-quality aircraft cleaning products which are perfect for daily aircraft servicing and maintenance. We supply aircraft exterior cleaning products, interior aircraft cleaning products and aircraft paint removers.

Our selection of aircraft exterior cleaning products include landing gear cleaners, such as the Aerokleen A320 Gel and the Aerokleen A380 Gel; general aircraft and heavy-duty cleaners, such as the Aerokleen Aerosolv; fuselage cleaners, such as the Aerokleen A510Aerokleen A710 and Aerokleen CD1; and aircraft polishes, such as Aerokleen Polish AN2001P.

Interior aircraft cleaning products will ensure the internal area of an aircraft has a deodorised and clean atmosphere. To clean aircraft interiors, we would recommend the Dasic International Aerokleen B, plus the RJ2Q cleaning service cart which comes complete with a number of appliances, such as carpet shampooers, electric heaters, vacuum cleanings and more.

Finally, we have available phenolic and non-phenolic aircraft paint removers that can be used on polyurethane and epoxy paints. Plus, carbon deposit removers, such as the Dasic D53, which can be used to clean copper, aluminium, magnesium and ferrous components.