Interior Aircraft Cleaning

Our range of interior aircraft cleaning products is perfect for daily aircraft maintenance, leaving a deodorised and clean atmosphere within the aircraft cabin. It includes the Dasic International Aerokleen B, a cabin cleaner concentrate, which is perfect for removing difficult stains from aircraft interiors.

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This interior aircraft cleaner is non-corrosive to all airframe structures, and it is equally effective on both matt and gloss painted surfaces. It features a low foaming characteristic for a fast spray on and wipe off applications, being particularly useful when cleaning ridged surfaces.

Our cleaning service carts are also essential for cleaning aircraft interiors, for example, our RJ2Q cleaning service cart will power a variety of appliances, such as vacuum cleaners, carpet shampooers, electric heaters, and more. Equipped with a Honda EM3800SXA generator, this service cart is able to run for 20 hours at ½ load.

Additionally, we have available exterior aircraft cleaning products ideal to clean specific areas of the aircraft, including fuselage, landing gear, flap cavities, wheels wells and undercarriage. Besides our aircraft cleaning products, we also supply aircraft paint removers, from phenolic and non-phenolic removers, which can be used on polyurethane and epoxy paints.