Aircraft Paint Removers

We supply Dasic International aircraft paint removers, which are known for their high quality and performance. Our range of paint removers includes Aerostrip, Dasic D223, Dasic D53, Dasic D283, Dasic D23V, Dasic D83 and Paintblast D103.

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Aerostrip is a high-performance, water-based, epoxy and polyurethane paint remover, which has been tested to comply with Boeing Specification D6-17487. To qualify for this specification Aerostrip had to meet sandwich corrosion tests in various settings, as well as acrylic crazing tests, paint softening tests and hydrogen embrittlement tests.

Other polyurethane and epoxy paint removers include the Dasic D23V. This heavy-duty and phenolic paint remover can be applied to all commonly used aircraft metals and alloys.

The Dasic D223 is an acid-activated phenolic paint remover. This product is designed to ease the removal of aircraft paint systems which cannot be satisfactorily removed with alkaline epoxy strippers.

We also have available non-phenolic paint removers, including the Dasic D283 and the Dasic D83. The Dasic D283 is an acid-activated paint remover which was developed with an emulsifier system that ensures effective water rinsing. The D83 also leaves a wax-free substrate after rinsing, allowing for minimum preparation before repainting.

To remove carbon deposits, we supply the Dasic D53. This heavy-duty, ambient temperature immersion paint remover can be used to clean ferrous, copper, aluminium and magnesium components.

Finally, we have available the Paintblast D103, which is a complete paint removal system for aircraft components. Please contact Aviation Spares & Repairs Limited for more information on any of our aircraft paint removers.