Exterior Aircraft Cleaning

Essential for aircraft maintenance, our exterior aircraft cleaning products are ideal for your aircraft servicing requirements. Within this range, we stock products designed to clean specific areas, such as landing gear, wheel wells, flap cavities, fuselage and undercarriage.

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Additionally, we have available highly versatile cleaning products, including the Aerokleen A320 Gel and the Aerokleen A380 Gel. These two gel-based products can be used as supplied for cleaning areas such as the landing gear and are also easily water-dilutable to be used for general aircraft exterior cleaning. The Aerokleen Aerosolv is a foaming cleaner, which is also ideal for heavy-duty and general aircraft cleaning.
The Aerokleen A510, Aerokleen A710 and Aerokleen CD1 are perfect for fuselage cleaning, undercarriage cleaning and pre-paint cleaning. These aircraft cleaners can be used on aircraft surfaces where medium or long standing soil is present. For both cleaning and polishing applications, the Aerokleen Polish AN2001P is the perfect solution.
We supply Dasic International aircraft cleaning products which have proven to deliver maximum uptime and reduce downtime. This range offers high-quality and efficient products which have been approved by large airlines and world-known companies, such as the Ministry of Defence and British Airways.