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WWT100 Waste Water Cart (100 Gallon)

Product Description

The WWT100 waste water cart features a capacity of holding 378.5 litres (100 gallons) of waste water in its rotationally moulded polyethylene tank. Rotomoulded plastic tanks have several benefits, including being easy to clean and maintain, chemical resistant, corrosion resistant, and ergonomic as it doesn’t have sharp corners and burrs, reducing injury risks for operators.

Additionally, this type of plastic tanks is resistant to ultraviolet radiation, hence being fit for outdoor use and durable as well as lightweight, thus being easy to move and install. The tank is enclosed in a heavy-duty powder-coated chassis, with baggage cart style wheels and tyres and a towbar system for easy manoeuvring of the cart.

This reliable service cart has a top inlet height of 94 cm (37 inches) and a ball valve drain of 2.5 cm (1 inch). Its waste water tank has a 20cm (8 inch) inspection lid, which can be opened to inspect the wastewater fluid.

AERO Product ID: 2001037

Legacy AERO Product ID: 001673

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  • Rotomoulded polyethelene tank holds 378.5 litres (100 gallons) of waste water
  • 20 cm (8 inch) inspection lid
  • Heavy-duty powder-coated frame with wheels, tyres and a towbar
  • 5 cm (1 inch) ball valve drain

Unit Dimensions

  • Length – 236 cm (93 inches)
  • Width – 114 cm (45 inches)
  • Height – 94 cm (37 inches)
  • Weight – 159 kg (350 lbs)

Shipping Dimensions

  • Length – 244 cm (96 inches)
  • Width – 122 cm (48 inches)
  • Height – 107 cm (42 inches)
  • Weight – 204 kg (450 lbs)

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