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WC30E Electric Potable Water Service Cart (30 Gallon)

£4,250.00 £5,100.00 (Inc VAT)
£4,250.00 £5,100.00 (Inc VAT)


In Stock

In Stock

Product Description

Part Number: 2002452

Alternative Part Numbers: 2001026, 001661, 19-4305-0000, 19-4306-0000 & 19-4310-0000

The WC30E potable water service cart features a 12 voltage DC electric pump system, which is able to pump 17 litres per minute (4.5 gallons/min) at 40 psi. The electric pump comes complete with on-board battery and charging system.

Its durable 12-gauge stainless steel tank is capable of holding 113.6 litres (30 gallons) of clean source or bottled water. Stainless steel tanks are extremely durable, cracking resistant, freezing resistant and offer a higher resistance to corrosion in comparison to ordinary steel.

The unit includes the required 4.9 metre-long (16 inches) fill hosepipe, coupler and plug for servicing the aircraft. Additionally, this portable water service cart comes equipped with a tank fill kit with a non-return valve, which only allows water to go through it in one direction, preventing water to flow in the reverse direction.

This service cart is both FDA approved and CE certified, meaning that this unit is compliant with health, safety and environmental protection requirements for products sold in the European Economic Area.

A break-away coupler can be added to this unit optionally. A breakaway coupler will decrease potential spillage and prevent damage caused by drive away or pull accidents.

The following products can be added to this unit if required:

  • Long grip coupler
  • Coupler drag cushion kit
  • Digital flow meter in gallons
  • Digital flow meter in litres
  • Wall mounted water filter kit


For more information on the WC30E potable water service carts or other water service carts, please contact Aviation Spares & Repairs Limited. We are here to help with all your GSE requirements.


  • Electric pump system of 12V DC with on-board battery and charger
  • Capacity to pump 17 litres/min (4.5 gallon/min) at 40 psi
  • Capacity of 113.6 litres (30 gallons)
  • 12-gauge stainless steel water tank
  • Fill hose measuring 4.9 m/16 inches, with plug and coupler
  • Tank fill kit with one-way valve
  • Includes hoses and fittings
  • FDA approved
  • CE marked


  • Length – 97 cm (38 inches)
  • Width – 71 cm (28 inches)
  • Height – 114 cm (45 inches)
  • Weight – 75 kg (164 lbs)

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