Commercial Towbars

High-quality and easy-to-use commercial towbars perfect to fit a wide range of commercial aircraft, including Boeing B737 600-900, McDonnell Douglas MD-80, Airbus A220, Boeing B717, Fokker 70 and Airbus A380.

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We supply a wide range of aircraft-specific towbars, such as the Boeing B737 600-900 towbar which is particularly designed for this specific aircraft series, as well as multi-use towbars, such as the wide body multi-use towbar and the narrow body multi-head towbar which can be used for a variety of aircraft depending on the towbar head used.

We also have available portable narrow body FlyAway towbars which simply feature the folding aluminium bar and head without wheels for easy portability. We have a selection of towbar heads ideal to fit this towbar, including Boeing B727 towbar head, B737 towbar head and Airbus A300 towbar head.

To securely perform towing and pushback operations, towbars will require bypass pins and shear bolts. Bypass pins are used to bypass the hydraulic steering system of an aircraft to allow for easy towing, whilst shear pins are used to prevent serious damage to the towbar and aircraft by breaking in the event of excess loads.

Besides commercial aircraft towbars, we also have available business aircraft towbars, regional aircraft towbars, military aircraft towbars, general aviation towbars and helicopter towbars. To safely store this equipment, we recommend our towbar storage systems.