Helicopter Towbars

Functional and easy to use helicopter towbars for sale. These helicopter towbars will fit a varied selection of helicopters, including Bell helicopters, Sikorsky helicopters, Apache helicopters, Chinook helicopters and Eurocopter helicopters.

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Aircraft towbars are equipped with shear bolts, which will shear off to avoid serious damage to the nose landing gear of the aircraft or to the towbar itself, in case there are any overloads or abnormal loads.

Aircraft towbars are ideal for handling helicopters around the ramp, by towing and pushing back the aircraft. These towbars are easy to transport, as well as sturdy, durable and high-quality, making them an excellent solution to move helicopters.

Within our range of helicopter towbars, we have available HT-88 Bell helicopter towbars, Boeing AH-64 Apache towbars, Boeing CH-47 Chinook towbars, and Eurocopter AS365 Dauphin towbars, among other helicopter towbars.