Assorted Parts

High quality parts and hardware for aviation towbars and aircraft towbar heads.

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Within this range, we have available various parts designed to specifically fit our TB1 towbars, TB125 towbars, TB2.5 towbars, TB3 towbars, RX towbars and JX towbars, such as JX towbar caster assemblies, TB2.5 lunette assemblies and TB3 towbar shanks. As well as more universal parts, including 10 inch pneumatic towbar wheels which can be used on TB2.5, TB3, TB125 and TB4 towbars.

For towbar heads, we supply locking pin assemblies for CRJ-Rx CRJ-Rx towbar heads, CRJ3 towbar pin assemblies, and much more. Please contact our team if the product you require is not listed.

In addition to this, we also have available safety hardware for towbars and towbar heads. This includes shear bolts, bypass pins and ball lock pins. Shear bolts are used to prevent damage to towbars and aircraft whilst ball lock pins are used to quickly fasten aircraft components and equipment parts. Finally, bypass pins are used to bypass the hydraulic steering system of an aircraft to ensure towing is done smoothly.