Shear Pins & Bolts

Shear pins are used on aircraft towbars and aircraft towbar heads as a sacrificial piece which will break in the event of excess loads or abnormal loads, in order to prevent damage to both the aircraft landing gear and the towbar itself. 

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Our range of shear pins showcases a variety of shear pins which are specifically designed for different types of aircraft towbars and towbar heads. For instance, for TB2.5 multi-head towbars we have available shear pin kits for TB2.5 towbars, which include 5 shear pins and 5 cotter pins; to protect the nose landing gear of the Embraer 300 aircraft, we have available EMB300 towbar head shear pin kits, and for Rx towbars we supply Rx towbar shear bolt kits.

We also supply other essential accessories for towbars, towbar heads and other equipment, including ball lock pins, also known as aircraft quick release pins, which are used to quickly and safely secure ground support equipment parts and aircraft components; plus bypass pins which are provide the aircraft tug with full control of the hydraulic steering system of an aircraft.