Weatherproof Covers

Easy-to-use weatherproof covers designed to protect nitrogen and oxygen service carts from the changing weather conditions. These are perfect for various bottle configurations, including two-bottle, three-bottle and four-bottle airport service carts.

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For two-bottle service carts, we are able to supply 2-bottle weatherproof covers for tilting service carts and 2-bottle weatherproof handcart covers. In addition to these, we have available 3-bottle weatherproof service cart covers and 4-bottle weatherproof service cart covers.

These covers are quickly and easily secured by a quick-clip system in order to protect your nitrogen and oxygen service carts from debris, UV light, moisture and more.

Additionally, we have a large selection of other essential equipment for service carts. This includes boosters and regulators, hose lines, nitrogen and oxygen gauges, pressure regulator parts, service cart parts and carts for oxygen and nitrogen bottles.