Service Cart Parts

Easy to use service cart parts and equipment ideal for various bottle configurations of oxygen service carts and nitrogen service carts, including one-bottle service carts, two-bottle service carts, three-bottle service carts and four-bottle service carts.

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For 2-bottle service carts, we supply oxygen and nitrogen regulator mounting brackets, which are easily installed with regulator panel nuts and two bolts and service cart locking handles that come complete with clevis pins and cotter pins.

For 3-bottle service carts, we stock bottle retention bracket kits that come with all the necessary fitting and hardware to upgrade or replace service cart parts, plus 3-bottle cart tilt assist kits, which are designed to aid lowering and raising the bottle platform.

For 3 to 4-bottle service carts, we have available hub kits, hub assembly kits and 4-bottle regulator mounting brackets. These mounting brackets are easily installed with bolts and regulator panel nuts.