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WC100E Electric Potable Water Service Cart (100 Gallon)

Product Description

The WC100E potable water service cart features a capacity to pump 17 litres (4.5 gallons) of water per minute at 40 psi maximum with its 12 voltage DC electric pump system.

Designed to transport 378.5 litres (100 gallons) of clean water for aircraft servicing, this cart comes complete with all the necessary attachments and components for immediate use upon arrival, inclusive of tank fill kit with one-way valve, fluid level measuring instrument and on-board battery and charger for electric pump.

In addition to those components, the WC100E drinkable water cart comes equipped with a 4.9 metre-long (16 inch-long) clear fill hose with coupler and plug, as well as a towbar locking brake and a towbar to safely tow the unit with a vehicle.

The 12-gauge stainless steel water storage tank is firmly fixed on a galvanised steel frame with heavy-duty pneumatic tyres and wheels. Stainless steel water tanks are corrosion resistant, crack resistant, durable, and therefore mostly maintenance-free. Additionally, the galvanised steel chassis is low maintenance, reliable and long-lasting.

Our water service carts are FDA approved and CE certified, the latter meaning that these units meet European safety, health and environmental standards.

Optional extras for the WC100E potable water service cart include:

  • Breakaway coupler – which reduces the impact and/or spillage due to drive away or pull incidents
  • Solar charging kit
  • Long grip coupler
  • Digital flow meter
  • Wall mount, wall filter kit
  • Corner bumper kit
  • Coupler drag cushion kit
  • Wheel chock holder
  • Safety disconnect towbar cover

For more information on the WC100E unit and other aircraft potable water systems, please contact Aviation Spares & Repairs Limited. We are here to help with all of your GSE requirements.


  • Capable of pumping 17 litres/min (4.5 gallons/min) at 40 psi
  • 12 voltage DC electric pump system with battery and charger
  • Transports 378.5 litres (100 gallons) of fluid
  • Includes tank fill kit with one-way valve and fluid level gauge
  • 9 metre-long (16 inch-long) clear fill hose with coupler and plug
  • Stainless steel water tank (12 gauge)
  • Galvanised steel chassis with heavy-duty wheels and tyres
  • FDA approved
  • CE certified


  • Length – 216 cm (85 inches)
  • Width – 117 cm (46 inches)
  • Height – 94 cm (37 inches)
  • Weight – 272 kg (600 lbs)

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