Workshop Cabinet Tool Kits

Our high-quality tool control cabinets are the ideal tooling solutions for daily aircraft maintenance, among other aircraft servicing operations. We have available mobile wiring system tool kits, tool control cabinets and workshop cabinets complete with tools.

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Designed for Boeing 717 Dreamliners, our mobile wiring system tool kits come complete with more than 170 hand tools, including AMP tools, Tyco tools, Russtech tools and more. The kit waterproof case features heavy-duty casters and an automatic pressure release valve.

For more privacy and security, we have available electronic locking tool cabinets. These cabinets provide quick and easy access to tools with a proximity reader access system instead of swipe cards or keypad system.

Our range of standard workshop tool cabinet kits includes tool cabinets with 114 tools, tool cabinets with 164 tools, tool cabinets with 243 tools and tool cabinets with 287 tools. These Bahco tool cabinets have a latching system which prevents drawers from opening while moving the trolley.

In addition to our workshop cabinet tool kits, we also supply a variety of other tooling solutions, including avionics tool kits, helicopter tool kits, trolley case tool kits, step case tool kits, sheet metal tool kits and Mitutoyo measuring tools.