Step Case Tool Kits

Our range of step case tool kits includes four variations of the Red Box mechanical metal step case with tools. These Red Box sets are high-quality kits which come in a metal case with three drawers that can double as steps and come complete with BAHCO aviation hand tools.

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We supply mechanical metal step cases with 129 tools, mechanical metal step cases with 146 tools, mechanical metal step cases with 148 tools and mechanical metal step cases with 193 tools. The tools lay on a two-coloured Skydrol resistant foam inlay which indicates lost tools instantly, making tool control much easier and faster.

Besides these comprehensive tool sets, we also have available helicopter trolley cases with tools which are perfect for daily maintenance tasks on helicopters; sheet metal tool kits, ideal for sheet metal work; avionics tool kits, perfect to undertake maintenance on the avionics systems, plus portable aviation toolboxes and workshop cabinet tool kits for general maintenance. Additionally, we supply Mitutoyo measurement tools, including digimatic height gauges, digimatic micrometres and digital callipers.