Sheet Metal Tool Kits

Our sheet metal tool kits are ideal for sheet metal work. These kits come in a water-resistant and impact-proof, black trolley container. The container features a pressure equalising valve and two coloured inlays to instantly recognise lost tools.

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We have available the sheet metal tool kit which comes complete with 64 Bahco hand tools designed for sheet metal work, including open spanners, socket wrenches, universal joints, extension bars, cotter pin drivers, hand sheet metal cutters, clamp tools, wire cutters, hex key L-wrenches and more.

For aircraft daily maintenance tasks, workshop, hangar and ramp tasks, we have available a variety of other tool kits. To perform any type of maintenance of the electronic equipment fitted in an aircraft, our selection of avionics tool kits are ideal.

For an array of routine maintenance of aircraft or ground support equipment, we have available mechanical step case tool kits, trolley case tool kits, workshop cabinet tool kits and helicopter tool kits. Finally, our Mitutoyo measurement tools are perfect to measure the height, internal or external dimensions and more of different components and objects.