GA Adapters & Parts

The GA adapters & parts range is inclusive of a variety of general aviation aircraft towbar adapters as well as replacement parts for these towbars. Please contact us if the product you require is not listed.

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Within this collection of products, we have available a comprehensive selection of adapter sets, including Agusta 109 adapter sets, Cirrus adapter sets, Diamond DA-20 adapter sets and B18 Beech Tail adapter sets. These are designed for 34R, 34B, 5R, 5B, 6R and 6B universal towbars.

We also supply equipment and parts solely for particular aircraft towbars. For instance, for 34R and 34B universal aircraft towbars, we have available clevis tongue hitches, ball tongue hitches, 34B/R head end assemblies, shock ring hitches and Bell 430 adapter sets.