Static Grounding Equipment

Reduce the risk of aircraft static electricity build-up with our static ground equipment, including static grounding reels and grounding plug assemblies.

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Our stainless-steel ground plug assemblies are designed to meet the military standard M83413/4-1. These offer a secure grounding connection when used with standard aircraft grounding holders.

Our static ground reels come in single or dual reel variations, such as 50-foot static ground reels and 50-foot dual cable static grounding reels. These feature alligator clamps at the end of the reels to connect to the body of the aircraft, as well as a compact and lightweight design for easy portability.

Static ground reels are mostly used during aircraft refuelling to prevent static electricity from building up and in turn, cause an explosion. Static ground reels can also be used during service cart maintenance, oxygen service, nitrogen service, or any other situation in which potentially combustible material is involved.