PCA Hoses

Pre-conditioned air (PCA) systems are used to bring cool or heated air into a parked aircraft. These types of systems feature high energy efficiency by running both power and air externally and shutting off the aircraft cooling units.

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Amongst our selection of pre-conditioned air products, we supply a range of highly functional adaptors and connectors, including the JB360 swivel aircraft adapter. This adapter is resistant to ultraviolet light, chemicals, fuel and solvents, and it comes complete with all the required clamps and hoses to operate with the JB729 aircraft connector.

The JB729 aircraft connector has an adjustable and removable latching mechanism, which eliminates the need to purchase additional items for the aircraft. This product meets both the S.A.E. Aerospace Standard AS4262 and the Military Standards MS33562 (ASG). The latter standard sets the minimum requirements for the design of this type of connector, allowing the same connector to be used at airports worldwide.