Towable Passenger Stairways

Our towable passenger stairways are the perfect solution for passengers to board and disembark an aircraft safely and easily. Our reliable and efficient aircraft stairways are ideal to be used with a variety of aircraft, including business and commercial aircraft.

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Within this range of products, we have available passenger stairways which feature adjustable heights, including the 58 feet to 93 feet towable passenger stairway, 134 feet to 223 feet towable passenger stairway and 88 feet to 161 feet towable passenger stairway. These stairways also feature sliding handrails to clear aircraft door, stabiliser jacks and non-marring soft rubber bumpers.

Additionally, we supply the Walkway 1828T passenger stairway, which features a height range from 1.8 metres to 2.8 metres. This allows this stairway to service various aircraft, including Boeing 737, Avro RJ100 and British Aircraft Corporation One-Eleven.

We also have available a range of motorised passenger stairs, including Freeway passenger stairways, such as the Freeway 2438Pe passenger stairs and the Freeway 2458Pe large passenger stairway, and Runway stairways, such as the Runway 1842Cd passenger boarding stairs and the Runway 2458Cd passenger stair truck.