Pallet Spill Kits

Our pallet spill kits are designed for safe and compliant storage of spills and leaks, including chemical spills, oil spills and fuel spills. These are made of non-corroding and UV-resistant polyethylene which is highly resistant to a number of chemicals. Additionally, these pallets feature a grid format top to minimise the risk of slipping and a forklift recess for safe transportation.

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These drum spill pallets come available in various sizes, such as 1000 mm x 680 mm x 600 mm for a small spill pallet which holds 1 drum; 1300 mm x 750 mm x 440 mm for a small spill pallet that holds 2 drums; 2445 mm x 660 mm x 270 mm for a medium sized pallet which holds 4 drums in line; 1460 mm x 1460 mm x 305 mm for a medium sized pallet that holds 4 drums stacked, plus 2450 mm x 1450 mm x 575 mm for a large pallet which holds 8 drums.

In addition to our drum pallet spill kits, we also have available other fluid spill control equipment, including emergency spill kits, spill mats on mobile standalone units or wall mounted stations, as well as a wide range of fluid spill kits.