Heavy Work Gloves

Our heavy work gloves are hardwearing, comfortable and designed to offer great protection from a variety of hazards. These are the perfect safety gloves for heavy work and harsh environments. 

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We supply welding and heat-resistant gloves including Tegera 19 work gloves and Tegera 17 heavy work gloves. These are made with split cowhide of top quality and can withstand heat up to 100°C. 

Additionally, we have available a large selection of rigger work gloves. This includes high vis rigged work gloves, such as Tegera 198 work gloves and Tegera 298 work gloves, as well as winter-lined heavy work gloves, such as Tegera 203 insulated work glovesTegera 206 leather winter gloves and Tegera 377 heavy work gloves. 

We also have available chemical protection gloves, including Tegera 7390 chemical protection work gloves and Tegera 494 heavy work chemical protection gloves. These prevent the risk of corrosive injuries and contact with various liquids. 

Besides our heavy work gloves, we also supply a wide range of safety gloves for sale, including Kevlar work gloves, heat resistant work glovesleather work glovesprecision work gloves and much more.