Mega Utility Vehicle

Mega utility vehicles are compact and ultra-light vehicles which feature various bespoke applications to suit a variety of uses, offering high flexibility on the ramp and around the airport. These multi-purpose vehicles offer enhanced visibility due to their glass panoramic cabin and doors.

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This range of vehicles includes the Mega e-Worker and Mega D-Truck. The Mega e-Worker is a 100% electric vehicle which has a very short turning radius and provides a range of up to 110km. This eco-friendly vehicle is also road legal, meaning it can be used for landside as well as airside applications.

The Mega diesel multi-truck (D-Truck) is a low emission diesel utility vehicle which offers low running costs. With its KUBOTA diesel engine, this vehicle has a range of 500km and a top speed of 75kph. Both these vehicles are ideal for transporting goods, loading, unloading and multi-drop transport functions.

In addition to the Mega utility vehicles, we also have available a variety of other airport utility cars, including Goupil vehicles, Brutus utility vehicles and Gem cars.