Goupil G4

The Goupil electric utility vehicles are perfect for variety of settings, from transporting cargo around the ramp to transporting people around the airport. In addition to our Goupil vehicles, we also supply a selection of other utility vehicles, including the Polaris Brutus utility cars, Mega utility vehicles, and Gem electric cars.

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Our Goupil G4 range offers high comfort and efficiency in both models, the Goupil G4 Box Van and the Goupil G4 Tipper. The powertrains of these vehicles ensure stability and ease of operation even when transporting the maximum load capacity. Both these models offer electric proportional braking, adjustable comfortable seats, cabin rear window, among other features.

The G4 Box Van offers a maximum load of 1,225 kg (2,700 lbs) and a maximum towing capacity of 1,000 kg (2,205 lbs). The G4 Tipper has a tipper deck which is tilted by a hydraulic cylinder and can accommodate two euro pallets. The G4 models are both silent and compact vehicles that have no polluting emissions and offer great manoeuvrability.