The Goupil electric utility vehicles are perfect for carrying cargo around the ramp and hangar, as well as transporting people around the airport safely and easily. Our selection of Goupil vehicles offers high comfort and efficiency in all models, including the Goupil G4 Tipper, Goupil G4 Box Van and Goupil G1.

The G1 vehicle was developed to meet the demands of industrial applications, specifically for transportation of personnel, featuring the ability to transport up to four passengers; plus, for cargo handling, by having a payload capacity of up to 1,000kg, and towing capacity of 3 tons. This utility vehicle also offers great manoeuvrability with a 3-metre turning radius.

The Goupil G4 range offers excellent versatility and functionality in both models, the Goupil G4 Tipper and Goupil G4 Box Van. These vehicles are equipped with a steel frame, providing resistance to deformation, as well as a powertrain which ensures stability and ease of operation when transporting the maximum load capacity.

Both G4 models feature a battery autonomy of up to 130 km and a towing capacity of 1,400kg on road. However, these vehicles offer different payload capacities. The G4 Box Van has a capacity of transporting up to 1,155kg of payload, while the G4 Tipper is able to carry up to 1,226kg of payload.

In addition to our Goupil vehicles, we also supply a wide selection of other utility vehicles, including Gem electric cars, Polaris Brutus utility cars, and Mega utility vehicles.