Gem vehicles are 100% electric and zero-emissions. These electric cars feature an average cost of operation of $0.03 per mile (based on average energy price of electricity per kWh in the United States). Additionally, these cars are road legal on roads up to 35 mph, exempt from car road tax and congestion charging, and come equipped with built-in chargers which can be plugged into any standard 230V socket.

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Among our selection of Gem electric cars, we have available passenger vehicles and utility cars. The Gem e2, Gem e4 and Gem e6 are designed to transport passengers, offering various comfort features, such as extra legroom and enhanced suspension.

Gem utility cars include the Gem eL XD and Gem eM 1400. These electric cars are highly customisable to meet your requirements, for instance, the Gem eL XD can be equipped with ladder racks, tool chests, if necessary. The Gem eM 1400 is perfect to transport cargo around the ramp and features a payload capacity of 1,450 lbs (657 kg).

We also supply various other hybrid and electric utility vehicles, including Goupil cars, Polaris Brutus vehicles and Mega utility cars. Our selection of utility vehicles will provide you with the perfect solution to your airport requirements.