Work Clogs

Our work clogs accommodate feet throughout the day, thus are perfect for workers who are on their feet for most of the day. Our work clogs come in various materials and designs to best suit your requirements.  

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Work clogs are durable, lightweight, comfortable, easy to clean, breathable, easy to slip on and off, and help reduce stress whilst protecting the feet, making them the ideal shoe for indoor use.  

We have available high grip work clogs, such as Jalas 2900 work clogsJalas 2942 work clogs and Jalas lightweight work clogs. In addition to these, we also supply leather work clogs which feature an oil-resistant outsole, including Ejendals 1789 black work clogsEjendals 1799 steel toecap work clogsEjendals 1796 leather work clogs and Ejendals 1792 work clogs. 

Additionally, we have anti-slipping work clogslightweight work clogswhite ergonomic work clogsblack work clogsanti-static work clogs and more. Besides our work clogs range, we also have available a wide selection of other indoor and outdoor protective footwear, including waterproof shoesshock absorbent shoes and winter boots.