Access Platforms

Within our access platforms range we have available aircraft maintenance platforms, which are ideal to undertake daily aircraft maintenance tasks, such as aircraft fuelling, engine maintenance, among other tasks. Some platforms, such as the B1 aircraft maintenance platform can also be used as temporary access stairways for aircraft and construction work.

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Our maintenance platforms have various heights and features to meet your requirements. For instance, with the 11 feet to 29 feet maintenance crew stand, ramp operators and maintenance staff will be able to reach section of the aircraft between 11 feet and 29 feet. This stand also allows for clearance of McDonnell Douglas DC-10 and McDonnell Douglas MD-11 fuselage for maintenance on the second engine. Another platform that can be positioned in various heights is the b7 maintenance stand, which features a 7 feet to 15 feet range.

We also have available aircraft maintenance and fuelling stands, which have a platform height of 84 inches and can be either tug towable or hand pushed. Additionally, we supply aircraft engine stands that feature a platform height of 3 feet to 10 feet, as well as a weight capacity of 500 lbs.