Mitutoyo Measurement

Mitutoyo measurement devices are world-wide known for their high quality and accuracy. Among this range of measuring tools, we have available Mitutoyo micrometres, as well as mechanical and dimensional gaging products, including height gauges and callipers.

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The digimatic micrometres use an incorporated calibrated screw to accurate measure components in machining, mechanical trades and more. This micrometre measures 0-25mm with a resolution of 0.001mm and it features an LCD display.

To measure the height of components, we supply the Mitutoyo digimatic height gauge. It is designed with an ABSOLUTE linear encoder which ensures that the reference point does not have to be set at every power-on and eliminates overspeed errors.

Additionally, we have available digital callipers, which are devices that are used to measure the distance between two opposite sides of an object. Our digital callipers come in a variety of range capacities, including 0-150mm callipers, 0-200mm callipers and 0-300 callipers.

We also offer other tooling solutions for daily aircraft servicing, hangar and workshop operations, including helicopter tool kits, avionics tool kits, step case tool kits, trolley case tool kits, workshop cabinet tool kits and sheet metal tool kits.