B-Series Maintenance Stands

Our B-series aircraft stands are durable, lightweight and versatile; and are perfect to help maintenance personnel access aircraft and work safely at height. These aircraft platforms have a weight capacity ranging from 500 lbs (226.8 kg) to 750 lbs (340.19 kg), and feature various height positions, from 2.21 metres to 5.79 metres.

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The B-1 maintenance platform can be used as either a work platform or as a temporary aircraft access stairway and can be positioned at any height within its 0.91 metre to 3.66 metre range.

If you require a platform to access the main deck and cabin of the Boeing 747, Lockheed L-1011 TriStar and McDonnell Douglas DC-10, we would recommend the B-2 maintenance platform. This aircraft platform can adjust in height, from 3.06 metres to 5.79 metres, and features an air over hydraulic system as standard.

Additionally, we have available the B-4 maintenance stand, which features a high-capacity manual hydraulic foot pump and a telescopic ladder. This steel scissor lift platform has a maximum weight of 2.21 metres and a capacity of 750 lbs (340.19 kg).

The heavy-duty B-5 maintenance platform is designed for ease of operation with a manual hydraulic foot pump. It features a capacity of 750 lbs (340.19 kg) and a platform height from 2.24 metres to 3.43 metres.

For easy transportation and operation, the B-7 maintenance stand is ideal. It features pneumatic tyres and heavy-duty casters; as well as a non-slip, self-cleaning platform floor and steps.