Truck Bed Inserts

Our truck bed inserts offer an economical and easy way to transport a water or lavatory servicing system which is highly flexible and efficient.

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We have available the WC270G gas potable water service insert and its environmentally-friendly alternative, the WC270E electric potable water service insert. The WC270G features a Honda GX160 electric start engine mated to a Teel centrifugal pump, which is capable of pumping 75.7 litres per minute at 29 psi maximum, whilst the WC270E features a 12V DC electric pump system which has a capacity of pumping 45.5 litres per minute at 50 psi maximum.

Both these water service inserts have a 1.02 L tank capacity and come complete with a winterisation kit that ensures that this unit is always operational in all weather conditions.

In addition to our truck bed inserts, we also supply a wide range of lavatory service carts and water service carts. If you require parts and equipment for these carts, browse through our part and spares for service carts, in which we supply couplers, fill hoses and more.