Trailer & Cart Parts

A comprehensive selection of high-quality parts and equipment for lavatory and water service carts, from winter immersion heaters to cart corner bumpers and hub assembly dust covers.

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Additionally, we supply various other parts to complete your service carts. This includes small parts, such as spindle assemblies, heavy slotted nuts, hub seals, regulator mounting panel nuts and cotter pins.

We also have available large parts for these airport carts, including corner bumpers for RJ series carts, genius charger G7200, caster assemblies, pba bottle holders for portable o2 bottles and replacement wheels.

In addition to our trailer and cart parts range, we also supply various parts and spares for airport service carts, including couplers, dump and fill hoses, flow meters and pumps and engines for lavatory and water carts. Please contact our team if the product you require is not listed.