28V Start Power Units

Start your aircraft with our range of 28V start power units designed to quickly and efficiently start a wide range of aircraft, including Gulfstream G500, Boeing Business Jets, Airbus A380, Embraer Phenom 100 and Cessna Citation M2.

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Our start power units can be used to start aircraft in emergency situations or various times a day for maintenance tasks, testing or staff training. Amongst this range of products, we have available RB60A 28V start power units, RB60A twin 28V start power units, RB85A 28V start power units, RB85A twin 28A start power units and RBTC 400A 28V start power units.

These units are designed to be completely weather protected, maintenance-free, leak-proof and air transportable. These are compact and tough units which feature high charge retention and long shelf life. In addition to our 28V start power units, we also have available 12V start power units and 24V start power units. Please contact us if the product you require is not listed.