24V Start Power Units

Our 24v start power units are designed to start various aircraft, from small aircraft such as Cessna Citation jets, to large business aircraft, such as Bombardier Global Express aircraft. These are ideal to start an aircraft in an emergency situation or to start an aircraft multiple times a day. Our 24v start power units are available as both lightweight portable units and large trolley carts.

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Among our small portable units, we have available the RB25 start power unit, RB50A start power unit and the RB75A start power unit. These units are perfect to start the majority of direct current (DC) aircraft and ideal to start aircraft at remote locations due to them being lightweight and easily hand portable.

Our start power trolley carts include the RB50A twin start power unit, RB75A twin start power unit, RBTC 400A-4 start power unit, RBTC 400A-6 start power unit and the RBTC 400A-8 start power unit. These are high capacity start power units, which can be air transportable and offer multiple start power for various aircraft and combat vehicles.

Some aircraft are volt sensible and require 28V start power units. Contact Aviation Spares & Repairs to inquire about which start power unit is ideal for your requirements.