HybRED Start & Continuous GPUs

This selection of hybrid start and continuous power units features units which combine petrol engines with a bank of batteries, offering an unrivalled power supply. These units are used to start various aircraft and provide continuous power to aircraft.

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One of the benefits of these units is that it allows aircraft to be serviced on the flightline as opposed to the alternative of having to move aircraft to the hanger for servicing. These hybrid units are lightweight, thus can be easily transported to remote locations plus, can also be operated in all weather conditions.

Within this range, we supply the HybRED-170-4 ground power unit and the HybRED-170-6 ground power unit. Both these units provide 170 amps of continuous power from the engine with a maximum start voltage of 28.5 V DC. The main difference between these units is the amp capacity: the HybRED-170-4 features a 76 Amp hrs capacity at 10 hr rate, whilst the HybRED-170-6 features a capacity of 114 Amp hrs at 10 hr rate.

We also have available a wide range of other ground power units, including start power units, diesel generators, airport rectifiers, continuous units, frequency converters and hydraulic power units. Please contact us if the product you require is not listed.