50 Amps Start & Continuous GPUs

Start various aircraft and supply continuous power to a variety of vehicles with our 50 amps start and continuous GPUs. These units are used on the ground for aircraft maintenance and testing purposes, as well as helping aircraft engine start efficiently.

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Amongst this range of products, we have available RBTC 3000A-50-2 start and continuous ground power units, RBTC 3000A-50-4 start and continuous GPUs and RBTC 3000A-50-6 start and continuous ground power units. These units are able to supply 50 amps of continuous power, and depending on the model, these can give up to 1700 peak amps, 3500 peak amps and 5000 peak amps.

Our ground power units offer thermal management, as well as protection against overload, over voltage, short circuit and over current. These are highly portable, compact units which also feature high charge retention, weather protection, no cycling and more.

Besides our range of start and continuous power units, which also comprises 150 amps start and continuous GPUs, 225 amps start and continuous GPUs and hybrid ground power units, we have available diesel generators, airplane frequency converters, continuous ground power units, start power units and airport rectifiers.