100 Amps Start & Continuous GPUs

Our 100 amps start and continuous power units are tough and compact units which provide multiple start and continuous high power to service a variety of aircraft and military vehicles.

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Amongst this selection, we have available RBTC 3000A-100-4 power units and RBTC 3000A-100-6 power units. The first unit provides 100 amps continuously and 3500 amps peak, whilst the latter unit offers 100 amps continuously and 5000 amps peak.

Both units are supplied with an output cable and feature a maintenance-free, fast recharge and leak-proof design. These are air transportable units classified as non-hazardous and offer high portability which allows these units to be easily used at remote locations.

In addition to these, we also supply 150 amps start and power units, 200 amps start and power units, 225 start and power units, 50 amps start and power units and hybrid start and power units. Please contact us if the product you require is not listed.