Mechanical Helicopter Ground Handling Wheels

Our mechanical helicopter ground handling wheels are the perfect solution to lift helicopters and easily move them without the tail hitting the ground. These ground handling wheels are attached to the skids and offer enhanced manoeuvrability in the hangar and on the ramp.

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These helicopter ground handling wheels are ideal to be used for day-to-day helicopter servicing and are also highly portable, which means that these can also be used in emergency situations. We have available a wide collection of wheels to fit various helicopter models.

For Bell helicopters, we supply Bell 206 and Bell TH-67 Creek ground handling wheels, Bell 206A ground handling wheels, Bell 206 mechanical ground handling wheels with pop-out floats and Bell 206L ground handling wheels.

In addition to these, we also have available helicopter ground handling wheels for Robinson R22, Robinson R44, Sikorsky, Schweizer, Hughes 269 and Hughes 300 model helicopters. For these helicopters, we supply dual-wheel systems which enhance the balance when moving helicopters.

Besides our mechanical units, we also supply hydraulic helicopter ground handling wheels. These feature a hydraulic system which aids lifting the helicopter and also supports the helicopter’s weight. Please contact Aviation Spares & Repairs if the product you require is not listed.