Hydraulic Helicopter Ground Handling Wheels

Hydraulic helicopter ground handling wheels provide an easy way to move helicopters around the ramp and in the hangar by lifting them off the ground. These allow operators to balance the aircraft during manoeuvring without the tail hitting the ground.

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Perfect for routine tasks or emergency situations, these portable and reliable ground handling wheels feature a hydraulic system and a heavy-duty dual-wheel design. Their hydraulic system makes lifting easier and supports the weight of the helicopter, whilst the dual-wheel system provides equal pressure on both skid tubes for enhanced stability.

We supply a wide range of these units to suit various Bell helicopter models, including Bell UH-1Y, Bell AH-1Z, Bell 204, Bell 412, Bell 214ST, Bell 222, Bell 230 and more. Some units are designed to fit specific models, whilst other units can be used on a wider selection of models. For instance, we have available the Bell UH-1Y and AH-1Z hydraulic ground handling wheels, which have been particularly designed to fit the Bell Venom and Viper models.

In addition to our hydraulic systems, we also have available mechanical ground handling wheels. These are securely fastened by the help of an engagement pin once your ideal height has been reached. Within this range, we supply one-wheel ground handling wheels and a large range of dual-wheel ground handling wheels.