Towable Fluid Dispensers

Our towable fluid dispensers are designed with simplicity and ease of operation in mind, whilst being highly functional and efficient. This range of fluid dispensing equipment is capable of safely handling a variety of fluids by protecting them against moisture and airborne contaminants.

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Within this selection, we have available 5 gallon towable fluid dispensers, which are able of dispensing engine oil, Skydrol, hydraulic oil and Mobil Jet Oil II, plus feature a maximum pressure of 175 PSI. In addition to this, we also have available area-specific dispensers, such as 5 gallon towable c-duct dispensers that are specifically designed for the c-duct opening but can also be used for landing gear servicing, flight control and thrust reverser testing.

Additionally, we supply hand-held aircraft fluid dispensers, hand cart fluid dispensers and large fluid transfer systems. All of these units provide excellent aviation refuelling solutions and are highly ergonomic.