Fluid Systems

Our fluid systems are the perfect solution to safely and efficiently handle engine oils, hydraulic oils and Skydrol while protecting these against moisture and airborne contaminants.

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Among our selection of fluid systems, we have available the T-Pac bulk fluid transfer system, which is ideal to dispense large volumes of fluid. This unit can be mounted to the wall above the drum for easy accessibility and features improved cleanliness and safe handling.

In addition to these systems, we also supply a range of aircraft fluid dispensers. This range includes different sized containers, including 1 gallon fluid dispenser and fluid overflow container which are perfect to top up a small amount of fluid, as well as 5 gallon fluid dispenser cart and 20 gallon fluid dispenser cart which are the solution for larger fluid dispensing.

To service the C-duct aircraft opening, we have available the 2 gallon C-duct cowl pump and the 5 gallon C-duct pump cart. These can also be used for landing gear servicing, flight control and thrust reverser testing.

Finally, we supply towable aircraft fluid dispensers, including the 5 gallon towable fluid dispenser and the 5 gallon C-duct towable fluid dispenser. These are highly portable and have been designed with ease of operation in mind.