Fluid Dispensers

Featuring simplicity of use and workplace efficiency, our aircraft fluid dispensers are perfect to handle waste fluids, engine oils, hydraulic fluids, and other liquids. These fluid dispenser systems are also designed to protect against moisture and airborne contaminants.

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Our range of aircraft fluid dispensers includes a variety of different sized containers. Some dispensers can be hand-held by the operator, while others can be configured as a hand cart or a towable cart. To top off a small amount of fluid, the fluid overflow container and the 1-gallon fluid dispenser are ideal.

The 2-gallon C-Duct cowl pump is a compact unit designed for the C-duct aircraft opening, landing gear servicing, thrust reverse testing and flight control. The 5-gallon C-Duct pump cart is designed for the same opening and servicing, but it features a higher fluid capacity.

Our hand-held fluid dispenser is perfect for operators that require a portable container, however, this dispenser has a low fluid capacity. The 5-gallon fluid dispenser cart and the 20-gallon cart fluid dispenser are great options that offer both portable functionalities and large fluid capacity.