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Driver Seated Reach Truck FM-X SE

Product Description

Thanks to its superelastic special tyres, the smart driver seated reach truck allows for optimum goods transport not only in the warehouse, but also outside! Loads weighing up to two tonnes are quickly and reliably transported to the desired location by the FM-X SE at a maximum speed of 14 km/h. Once there, it lifts them to a height of up to eight metres. Due to the large cushioned tyres and the high level of ground clearance, the driver seated reach truck is also ideally suited to loading and unloading goods from outer shelves. Assistance systems such as the lift height pre-selection or the optional camera system make work easier for the driver, and ensure the utmost precision even with high lifting heights.

Relaxed, comfortable and safe work throughout the whole shift guaranteed by the holistic ergonomics concept. Footplate, steering wheel, seat – all these components can be individually adjusted to match the work requirement at hand as well as the stature and preferences of the driver. The FM-X SE is a compact and efficient energy bundle convincing with top availability thanks to Li-Ion technology. This does not only allow opportunity charging at any time – it is also fast: 50 % of the battery is chargeable in only 30 minutes. Many other details, such as the optional tilting seat and the exclusive STILL mast side shift, for example, make the FM-X SE an ideal organiser in any warehouse – from operating high racks to long distance haul or replenishment.

Powerful acceleration combined with high travel speeds of 14 km/h and lifting speeds of up to 0.50 m/s
Sufficient energy for any use, thanks to battery capacities of 560 Ah to 700 Ah
Substantial ground clearance and optimum traction allow for individual use even on bumpy surfaces
Lasting energy for multi-shift operation: high battery capacity and optional sideways battery change
Top availability: The lithium-ion battery bundles a lot of energy and can be quickly and easily opportunity charged

Cushioned drive wheel and Super Elastic tyres to reduce impact when driving over uneven surfaces
Relaxed view upwards and beyond goods, thanks to unique comfortable reclining seat
Easy to operate all functions without having to alternate grip, thanks to Joystick 4Plus or Fingertip operation
Easy storage and retrieval with the Easy Target lift height pre-selection system

The large step and handhold make it safe and easy to get in
Robust steel chassis with secure contour guiding in areas that are hard to drive on
Versatile, flexible access control with FleetManager 4.x
Extremely safe to drive round bends with Curve Speed Control depending on steering angle

OPTISPEED reduces mast vibrations to a minimum for medium lifting heights and enables quick goods handling
Clear visibility of goods without being disrupted by hydraulic lines on the fork carriage, thanks to the unique sideshift mast
Top precision right from the first millimetre thanks to the optical lift height sensor

Suitable for even the most narrow working widths, thanks to the reach truck concept

Environmental Responsibility
Long-lasting and energy-saving LED headlights
Blue-Q efficiency mode saves up to 10 per cent energy at the press of a button with no loss of performance
Energy recovery when braking means you can use the machinery for longer with optimum use of resources
Low operation costs: low energy consumption and long maintenance intervals

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