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Cart Fluid Dispenser (20 Gallon)

Product Description

Our market leading range of fluid dispensers have been used globally by the airline industry and military customers for more than 25 years.

The fluid dispensers have been designed with a blend of simplicity and high-tech ingenuity, placing particular emphasis on good ergonomics and ease of operation.

The development of the products line has been driven by decades of flight line experience and certification, providing innovative and dependable fluid transfer technology built to meet the high expectations and demands of the aircraft maintenance industry.

The fluid dispensing systems protect against moisture and airborne contaminants and eliminate the difficulties of handling waste fluids through traditional methods.

Constructed from superior materials and components, all fluid dispensing products are covered by an industry leading 2 year parts and labour warranty.

The 20 gallon dispensers can be configured as a hand cart and/or a convenient, ergonomically designed two wheel towable cart.

Low Pressure Unit:

  • Fluid capacity of 20 gallons (75.7 litres)
  • Pressure output of 175 psig (854.4 kPa)
  • 0.03 gallons (0.14 litres) per stroke
  • Hose length of 7′ (2.13 m)
  • 10 micron nominal standard filter

 System Features:

  • Engine
  • APU
  • Hydraulic system

Each system includes:

  • Container 20 gallons (75.7 litres)
  • Double seal pump head
  • Colour coded fluid signage
  • Compatible seals and hoses
  • Serial number

Please contact Aviation Spares & Repairs Limited for more information on the cart fluid dispenser (20 gallon). We are here to help with all your GSE requirements.


  • Dimensions: 23.75” x 40.5” x 24.5” (60.32 cm x 102.8 cm x 62.23 cm)
  • Weight: 37 lbs (16.78 kg) (empty)
  • Gross weight: 74.5 lbs (33.7 kg)
  • Shipping carton: 42.5” x 18.5” x 24.5” (107.95 cm x 46.99 cm x 62.23 cm)
  • Engine oil (FKM Seal)
  • Mobil jet II (FKM Seal)
  • Skydrol (EPDM Seal)
  • Hydraulic oil (EPDM Seal)
  • 10′ (3 m) hose with 9/16-18” 37 degree swivel
  • Fluid discharge meter
  • In-line water stop meter
  • Closed system kit

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